defining “need” vs “want”

as I’ve mentioned before, i’m going to need to seriously adjust my lifestyle if I want to make this whole law school loan thing work out.

things that currently aren’t helping the situation:

1)  deciding to buy a new (yes, NEW as in 2011) car. excuse me, seattle –> Midwest requires four wheel drive duh

2) opening  new capital one venture card – with an annual fee (hey, i’ve had three credit checks run on me in the last two weeks anyway– the apartment I put a deposit down on ran one, the car loan company, and whoever does grad PLUS loans…)- now I know I have amazing credit, why not ruin it by continuing with all of the inquiries?? ha . whatever, i have to furnish an entire apartment. i’ll buy everything on the card, get a free plane ticket to visit my partner in crime sjblawgs and then pay it all off as soon as I get my refund check

3) purchasing my new necessary marc jacobs bag to carry all my huge casebooks

4) learning about the website modcloth

Things I still NEED:

1)  a pretty new filofax. how am i supposed to remember all my ish if i have some stupid paper planner that’s falling apart from overuse?

2) the contents of an entire apartment (don’t even get me started. i will make a complete list on here someday soon so i can brace myself for the copious amounts of money i am about to give to ikea && crate && barrel)

3) a couple more law school related books i probably won’t have time to read before school starts anyway on account of the fact that school starts in 52 days and there are tooooo many other things to do before then. like, for example, enjoy life while i can

4) crossbars && a soft duffel for cargo for my new car (so i can bring as much stuff as possible with me on the road trip to law school!!)

things i need to STOP doing:

1) buying chai and a bagel every morning at seattle’s best (that’s like $7 a day!!)

2) going to the flagship Nordstrom store on my lunch breaks

3) buying things i don’t need.

it sounds so simple when i put it like that.’t.NEED. no more magazines (like seriously, if i’m buying magazines, i’m getting a subscription. i paid $5 for a magazine today that costs $20 for a two year subscription!! insanity) no more unnecessary snacks during the day. YOU DON’T NEED TWO SMOOTHIES A DAY, LULU. learn to like coffee. it’s cheap && you can make it at home!! it really must be an acquired taste. i haven’t acquired it yet.

need v want, people. let’s try this for a week and see how it goes. i’ll report back. <3

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10 responses to “defining “need” vs “want”

  1. oh I adore modcloth! I had to block their website from my browser recently since I bought too much stuff from them. They put new things online daily — I think that’s how they “get you”. It makes you want to check every day for new things before they all sell out. Booo!

    Congrats on getting into a top 10 law school, btw!!

  2. That Marc Jacobs bag is too amazing. <3 And yeah, buying magazines individually is killer! I hope you're able to manage your finances, I'm rooting for you! (:

  3. Sounds quite reasonable! :p

    I’m sure you’ll do just fine juggling all these expenses! ;-)

  4. Hi! fellow 0L blogger studying for the LSAT again (ughh). Thanks for sharing your story– I added you to my blogroll.


  5. Modcloth is awesome, and so is your taste in Marc Jacobs bags lol
    I wish I was in your position becuase at least you can justify tees purchases- I’m staying in the same place and same apartment with the bf and roomie… But I really do need a new bedding set :)

  6. NEED: toms wedges
    WANT: MK watch….oops jk.

  7. Rose Gold MK watch for Law school is entirely necessary purchase- duh!

    Is that Marc Jacobs bag big enough for 13″ laptop plus books and other essentials? Eventually I need to actually buy my books. But first, I am on the hunt for the perfect law school bag. And I think I may love yours. What color did you get?

    • it absolutely is big enough for all of that — i got the one pictured in the link (black with white marc writing all over). kate spade && dooney have some cute ones too but this one was only $188 and is nylon so it can be easily cleaned! i highly recommend it :D

  8. For me, life must be living. If your typical day was spent through hard-work in order to eat and survive. Everything must be balanced.

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